Soil and water quality

I object to the M4-M5 Link as outlined in the Environmental Impact Statement on the basis that the impacts of this project on water quality in an enclosed body of water within Sydney Harbour in a highly densely populated area. The proposal involves unacceptable risks to water quality and public health, and call on the Minister for Planning to reject the M4-M5 Link as proposed. Specifically, for the following reasons:

  • The management of water in the Rozelle Yards is of great concern as the site is highly contaminated and the construction work that will be carried out will cause a great deal of disturbance especially once vegetation has been removed.  There will be potential impacts from contaminated soils, leakage/spills of hydrocarbons and other chemicals from machinery, vehicles transporting spoil adjacent to roads and stormwaters, rinse water from plant washing and concrete slurries.  Water from tunnelling activity and other works will also introduce contaminants. The EIS says that much of this water will be treated in temporary treatment facilities and sediment tanks before being released to Whites Creek and Rozelle Bay.  The EIS does not disclose what levels of pollution controls will be implemented to make sure that contaminated water is not released into White’s Creek or Rozelle Bay.   This is not acceptable.
  • 001. Flooding – Leichhardt. Darley Road and adjacent streets such as Hubert St are exposed to flood. The flood impact could be exacerbated by the disruption or blockage of existing drainage networks, which are risks identified in the EIS. The EIS has not assessed whether the identified risk to the existing drainage network will cause increased risk of flood damage to flood lots and it fails to take account of the Inner West Council’s Leichhardt Floodplain Risk Management Plan which contains recommended flood modification options.  The EIS has not assessed whether its drainage infrastructure will impede the Inner West Council’s Leichhardt Floodplain Risk Management Plan option HC_FM3 to lay additional pipes/culverts from Elswick Street to Hawthorne Canal (via Regent Street and Darley Road). RMS has not assessed whether its drainage infrastructure will impede Inner West Council’s Leichhardt Floodplain Risk Management Plan option HC_FM4 to lay additional pipes/ culverts from William Street to Hawthorne Canal via Hubert Street and Darley Road. The EIS should not be approved as it has not properly explained or assessed these impacts.
  • Discharge of water into storm water at Blackmore Oval – Leichhardt The permanent substation and water treatment plant proposed for the Darley Road site facility should not be approved as part of the EIS. It proposes discharging water from the tunnels into the storm water canal near Blackmore Oval. This will devastate our waterways and impact negatively on the amenity of the bay which has four rowing clubs in close proximity. In addition, the environmental impacts of this discharge are not properly set out in the EIS.
  • The EIS states that darley Road is a contaminated site, and likely has asbestos. The proposal is that ‘treated’ water will be directly discharged into the stormwater drain at Blackmore oval. There are four long-standing rowing clubs in the vicinity of this location. This plan will jeopardise the integrity of our waterway and compromise the use of the bay for recreational activities for boat and other users. We object in the strongest terms to this proposal on environmental and health reasons. There is no detail of the ongoing Motorway maintenance activities during operation provided in the EIS. The community therefore cannot comment on the impact that this ongoing facility will have on the locality. This component of the EIS should not be approved as this information is not provided and therefore impacts (on parking, safety, noise, amenity of the area) are not known.