Human health

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Submission to WestConnex New M4/M5 EIS, project number SSI 16_7485

Much of the EIS human health assessment is based on the Air quality report. For submissions on this see our Air Quality sample submission.

Car Dependency

Tollways encourage car dependency which has proven poor health impacts. All citizens should have the option of affordable public transport options. Despite its massive cost, WestConnex including Stage 3  will push many citizens who cannot afford tolls onto  congested local roads.  The EIS fails to explain why more than $7 billion  has not been invested in public transport rather a tollway.

Professor Paul Torzillo, Head of Respiratory medicine at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital has stated that heart disease will increase due to air pollution caused by Westconnex bringing more cars into the Inner West. (Inner West Courier 23rd May 2017). NSW Planning and AECOM must specifically engage with critiques by medical professionals like Professor Torzillo rather than simply restating the same position over and over again.