Ashfield / Haberfield

The Ashfield / Haberfield area is one of the worst impacted areas by almost every measure. Having already suffered through 18 months of construction work, residents are now staring down the barrel of another 6 years of significant impacts.

To help make information about the Ashfield / Haberfield area more accessible we are uploading the information from each chapter that specifically relates to that area. On the sidebar you will find the headings of relevant chapters from the main volumes. We have not included overall information about the project. This can be found easily on the executive summary and the early chapters of Volume 1, follow this link.

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Figure 5.2
Figure 5.2, Volume 1A, Chapter 5, page 10 (5-10)

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There are between three and six proposed construction facilities in the Ashfield / Haberfield area. These will be the locations with the greatest impacts on local residents. These are the M4 East Wattle Street tunnel portals located on the corner of Wattle and Ramsay Streets, and on the site of the M4 East and M4/M5 pollution stacks on Parramatta Road and Wattle Street (opposite Bunnings), as well as further along Parramatta Road, on both sides of the road, between Alt and Bland Streets. These new sites will require acquisition of more commercial properties, including MUIRS.

To help you understand the impacts of each construction facility please see the table below which lists the impacts generated at each site.

Table 6.5
Table 6.5, Volume 1A, Chapter 6, page 35

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Construction sites

There are 2 proposed options for the construction of the Ashfield/Haberfield interchanges. These options concern the locations of construction sites, not the route of the tunnel which will not change. Each option proposes 3 construction sites. Should Sydney Motorway Corporation (SMC) choose option B they have flagged that they will also need construction site C1a from option A, meaning a total of 4 construction sites will be active should SMC choose option B. There is however nothing preventing them from using all 6 construction sites.

Option A (Map 1)

Option A contains 3 proposed construction sites (C1a, C2a, C3a).

Figure 6.2
Construction Option A, Figures 6.2, Volume 1A, Chapter 6, Page 11

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Option B (Map 2)

Option B contains 3 proposed construction sites (C1b, C2b, C3b). If option B is used then SMC have flagged that they will also use construction site C1a listed in the map above.

Figure 6.3
Construction option B, Figure 6.3, Volume 1A, Chapter 6, Page 12

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