About WestConnex

The NSW State Government is building the WestConnex toll road*: a 33km road around Sydney that will destroy neighbourhoods, waste taxpayer funds, cost families money, increase pollution and not fix our city’s traffic congestion problems!

The WestConnex proposal involves:

  • Duplicating M4 lanes from Parramatta to Homebush (Stage 1: construction from early 2015)

  • Constructing a tunnel from Homebush to Haberfield (Stage 1: construction from mid-2016)

  • Duplicating the M5 East (Stage 2: construction from 2016) and

  • Constructing a tunnel between Haberfield and St Peters (Stage 3: construction from late 2018).

The WestConnex toll road is the latest incarnation of the previously shelved M4 East and M5 expansions which the local community fought so hard to stop.**

We must stop the WestConnex toll road from carving up our communities and streets and harming our quality of life.

The WestConnex toll road will:

  • waste more than $60 billion on roads, when $10 billion could create enough public transport to meet all of Sydney’s needs for decades

  • increase traffic on local feeder roads

  • Increase traffic on local roads as drivers circumvent tolls.

  • increase toxic air pollution and smoke stacks in suburbs

  • increase truck movements through the inner west to Port Botany

  • create havoc for years during construction

  • increase the tolls you pay by 4% every year

  • delay long overdue investment in better integrated public transport

  • induce traffic, locking Sydney into decades of car dependence

  • increase greenhouse gas emissions contributing to climate change

  • do nothing to reduce traffic congestion in the medium to long term