About Us

The Coalition Against WestCONnex is a coalition of community groups and individuals from across Sydney campaigning to protect our suburbs and environment from the WestConnex toll road, and in favour of active and public transport solutions.

Member groups include:

  • No WestCONnex: Public Transport
  • Westconnex Action Group
  • No WestConnex Annandale,
  • No WestConnex Glebe and Forest Lodge
  • Rozelle Against WestConnex (RAW)
  • Leichhardt Against WestConnex (LAW)
  • Save Ashfield Park
  • Newtown Residents Against Westconnex (NRAW)
  • Save Newtown from WestCONnex
  • Camperdown Residents Against Westconnex (CRAW)
  • WestCON Community Action Group